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Precise dosing and mixing with 2-component - multi component dosing systems

Modern production processes increasingly involve two-component materials, which require high quality and reliable two component pumps & two component dispensers. The wide range of industries gives rise to a multiplicity of material require­ments and properties, e.g. dielectric strength in electronics, density or ultimate strength of adhesives. As a result, a huge variety of materials are now commercially available, all with different viscosities, fillers, mixing ratios and thixotropic properties. The majority of these are silicone, epoxy resin or polyurethane based products. Already well-established in the market, also in 2-component technology, the endless-piston dispenser was the obvious choice of dosing technology for this application and provided the logical answer to the market requirement. Depending on the individual dosing applications, we have a wide range of two component pumps - dispensers to offer.

Our product range includes the following:

2-Component ViscoDuo -V 4/4 Dispenser


The 2-component ViscoDuo-V 4/4 dispenser is a valveless, static mixing
head with dispensers located directly in front of the mixer. The
mixing head functions valve-free. The components to be mixed are
dosed by volume only and with no dead space into the static mixing
tube via the dispensers.



  • Processing of viscosity materials with no filler or very high filler content
  • Only low supply pressure required for medium feed
  • Adjustment of the desired mixing ratio by adjusting the speed ratio of both dispensers
  • Integrated sensors in each component (no dead space) for online process monitoring
  • Reverse-flow possible (no dripping or stringing of product)
  • Connection between dispensed quantity and speed is absolutely linear
  • Constant dosing volume, even with density or viscosity changes due to temperature fl uctuations or batch change

  • Static mixing of two components of same or different viscosity
  • Casting, dot or bead applications possible
  • Suitable for 2-component adhesive systems based on: epoxy resin (EP), polyurethane (PU), silicone (Si), methyl methacrylate
  • Application of high-content gap fillers and thermally conductive pastes
  • Mixing of two paints


Technical Data ViscoDuo - V 4/4:

Mixing ratio at same dispenser speed 1 : 1 to 10 : 1*
Maximum continuous output rate ~ 0,2 ml/s or 12 ml/min*
Smallest dosing shot ~ 0,010 ml*
Weight with drive ~ 3 kg
Required supply pressure at dispenser 0,1 to 6 bar*
Connection for material feed 1/8´´ inside thread
* depending on medium and mixing ratio

products_2c_viscoduo-vViscoDuo-V 2-Component Dispenser

The ViscoDuo-V Dosing system, with the dosing pumps incorporated directly in the dosing head, was developed specially for integration into robot and axis systems. Here the adhesive components are dosed into the static mixer directly after passing the pump outlet, which ensures a constant mixing ratio and exact dosing, even with short dosing sequences or quick stops and starts. The arrangement and pumping principle provide for a lightweight design and troublesome valves or plunger sealings can be avoided. With the ViscoDuo-V valve head, the user can change easily between dot and bead dispensing as required. Therefore, this system has a wide variety of uses in the electronics industry, ranging from casting to component fixing and housing sealing applications. Thes static mixer pumps are can be configued as needed and required by the application.





ViscoDuo-V Tabletop Unit

The ViscoDuo-V tabletop unit is a compact, two-component dosing system which is supplied ready to plug in. Fitted on a profile frame is the valveless 2-component ViscoDuo-V mixing head with integrated dispensers, a 2-component dosing control with integrated PLC and display as well as a dispenser cartridge for each component. The 2-component mixing head is completely valveless. The components to be mixed are dosed by volume only into the static mixing tube via the dispensers. Product can be fed either from a pressureless dispenser cartridge or from separate pressure tanks or hobbock emptying system.





ViscoDuo-S Tabletop Unit

Compact tabletop unit for casting of low to medium-viscosity media.



products_2c_viscoduo-s_mobileViscoDuo-S Mobile

This compact, mobile version or cart mounted pump is highly suitable for the casting of low to medium-viscosity media. The valve mixing head is equipped with a handle and start button. This is used to hold the dispenser tip directly above the component part and to start the dosing sequence. A hand gun pump type dispenser is furnished to allow the operator to dispense the media as needed.



Perhaps you have special requirements involving two-component or multi-component materials? We would be glad to submit an offer to meet your individual needs.



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